Winning and Release of Chemicals in the Brain Track and Field

There are many who study sports psychology and believe that some of the top athletes who compete love to win so much that they release chemicals in their brain before, after, and during the competition.

I believe winning releases chemicals too, lots of them. I can remember winning lots of races (track and field) and always feeling “no pain” but if I did not win, the pain was exacerbated to the point of almost unbearable-ness. If a salesman put himself into that scenario, then he would experience a release from winning.

Winning competitions and those real winners see it in advance they know they are going to win; call it psycho-cybernetics, but they see it all in their mind prior to the finish? I use to feel these premonitions in foot races and motorcycle racing before the race even started. Almost to the point of willing the events to favor me in advance, it is an interesting thing.

It is as if you can control the events in the future through will. Your body would be running redline at the starting line and then all the nerves would go away all at once as the gun went off. That feeling is something very powerful. I have talked with superstar athletes in other sports, particularly basketball, baseball, golf, tennis, etc. They all say the something.

And I too have felt this in other sports that I was not really that great at; like Bowling for instance, as you release the ball, you just know. It is as if you are either willing it to occur or feeling the anticipation of that chemical release, which is coming in a few seconds. There is something very powerful to this. The bigger the event the more you feel in advance, perhaps. Consider all this in 2006.